My passion for the violin maker’s art was sparked in 1975 when, as a young cellist, I was loaned a very old Italian instrument affectionately known as “the Magnificent Wreck”. The following year, I apprenticed to an instrument maker, and so began the process of acquiring the necessary skills to make and repair stringed instruments. 

In 1990, I dedicated my energies exclusively to the repair and restoration of violin family instruments. I studied with Maestro Hans J. Nebel in the summers from 1990-2001, applying his techniques and standards to my work on the job. 

Since becoming an independent violin restorer in 1995, I have availed myself of numerous opportunities to fine tune and deepen my skills in the field. I have been a regular participant in the Oberlin Violin Making Workshops as well as the Restoration Seminars in West Dean, England. I’ve gleaned excellent insight and valuable criticism from some of the world’s finest makers and restorers.

In 2008, I was voted into the membership of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers at their biannual meeting in Seattle. My application was the first ever to be considered solely on the basis of restoration skills. The Federation is the only violin making organization in the US whose membership is required to demonstrate and maintain a professional level of skill and ethics in dealing with fine violin family instruments and bows.

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